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safe (1409748)artist:rainbowyoshi305 (127)flash sentry (10752)rainbow dash (201477)sunset shimmer (49717)trixie (55239)twilight sparkle (256863)equestria girls (156890)angry small child noises (1)blood (19397)blushing (151198)descriptive noise (1191)faic (10161)female (743234)hooters (97)lesbian (80191)meme (72856)nosebleed (1923)rainbow dash gets all the mares (66)shipping (161558)smugdash (601)sunsetdash (106)trixdash (90)twidash (4745)


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Midday Sun
Then Dash woke up, and groaned that it was all just a dream…

She then found she couldn’t get up cause Sunset, Twilight, and Trixie were right on top of her. Oh shit, it wasn’t a dream after all!
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Comments25 comments posted