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safe1587729 artist:rainbowyoshi305127 flash sentry11945 rainbow dash221068 sunset shimmer57583 trixie62916 twilight sparkle283992 equestria girls183113 alcohol6184 angry small child noises1 beer1502 blood22609 blushing178096 burger1648 descriptive noise1355 faic11471 female1228170 food62287 hooters109 ketchup271 lesbian90494 meme79043 mustard139 nosebleed2158 rainbow dash gets all the mares78 sauce361 shipping184728 smugdash670 sunsetdash126 trixdash98 twidash4944


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Midday Sun

Then Dash woke up, and groaned that it was all just a dream…

She then found she couldn't get up cause Sunset, Twilight, and Trixie were right on top of her. Oh shit, it wasn't a dream after all!
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