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safe (1373729)artist:underpable (748)nightmare moon (14592)alicorn (152421)bondage (25624)breaking free (11)chains (3602)collar (23301)cuffs (2796)earth (836)epic (1195)female (707195)floppy ears (39429)gritted teeth (8683)magic (54455)mare (309555)moon (17871)mouth hold (12670)planet (871)pulling (469)rearing (4164)solo (844856)space (3877)spread wings (38996)stars (10730)


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undead changelingΔ's avatar
undead changelingΔ
a thousand years she had waited, slowly working at her bonds. adamantium was not truly imperveious to magic, just mearly so resistant that it would take centurys of exposure to damage.

She had had a millenum. when the stars alined, a surge of arcane enegy flowed though the corrupted lunar alicorn, and with it, her bindings begun to give.

those that did not snap when she exerted her godly strength, where torn out of the ground.

’Celestia’ she thought as she tore the last signs of her entrapment from her body. ’I’m coming for you…’
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