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Somebody might call it 'cruel and unusual' or 'against the geneva convention' to use a high-yield balefire egg to entirely decimate a small raider camp, but I say nuts to that! It's fun watching dismembered bodies screaming and flying outwards from a massive explosion! Some would probably call me crazy to do stuff like this, which is why I always make sure nobody's around before firing the fun things off… well, almost always, anyways.


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The Hittite

Ok, I'm probably going to wind up sounding like an asshole so I'm sorry in advance, but misuse of words is a pet peeve of mine.

To decimate something means to remove/destroy a percentage of it (originally one tenth, due to the Roman practice of decimation where they'd line up a group of people, usually soldiers, and kill one out of every ten). Somewhere along the line, it got confused with devastate, which is almost the same thing, but can include completely destroying something. In modern usage, the words are basically interchangeable unless you run across an English teacher or a gigantic language nerd who knows way too many useless facts (like me).