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Lord of the Empty Seat
Pony of Shadows: "Aw how cute, the little mares want to play…"

Sunset: "First mistake: attacking my man…"

Flash: "Wait, you mean that?"

Twilight: "Second mistake: attacking my harem candidates…"

Flash: "Wait what?"

Twilight and Sunset: "Final mistake: NOT RUNNING FOR YOUR LIFE!!" both of them attack
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Flash Sentry: Okay, maybe I didn't think this through.
Sunset Shimmer: Noooo, really?
Twilight: Get away from my friends!
Pony of Shadows: One against three. (smirks) It hardly seems fair. (creates duplicates of itself)
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The Tastiest
"Life would be easier if I were a unicorn."
"I hope I get hazard pay."
"I knew it'd be a waste to pay back my student loans."
"Seeing morally upstanding mares use their awesome powers for just causes makes me really excited."
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If indifference was all it was, we wouldn't even have anything to talk about. I've seen both camps. The people who merely thought Flash had an unnecessary role in the movies generally make a few comments about it when it's relevant, and then move on. The caterwauling haters, on the other hand, seem to have made it their life's mission to complain about him every time they catch a glimpse of the guy.

Flash is not Edward Cullen. If he was, they might have a point, but he's just a simple nice guy who decided he kind of liked Twilight, who also decided she kind of liked him. Unlike gag "Bella Swan", she's not exactly giving birth to monster babies for him, you know?

@Background Pony #D7F0
That is just the vibe I get from the fandom, I don't have any strong feelings about Flash myself. I wouldn't be sad if he appeared in a new episode later episode, but I can understand why the fan 'favorite' episode didn't have him.

@Background Pony #D7F0
I agree with you, but I imagine the overall feel they got from the fandom is Flash Sentry is a fire starter. Not for a majority, but enough. Badly written, underdeveloped romance has a way of triggering a lot of fans, and I wouldn't doubt the kind of hate the "Stephenie Meyer" effect can trigger in people, if you get what I'm saying.

Its not that they feared doing something new, its just that he doesn't have enough of a positive fan following. Indifference is sometimes worse then hate, and indifference is another strong feeling linked to Flash.

@Princess Luna
That is absolutely LUDICROUS amount of comments and…oh, its an old featured pic with a picture posting forum? That explains it.
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@Background Pony #B8AB
700 upvotes to 247 downvotes; I'd say that unless the trolls decided to be upvoters that day, the majority likes Flash.

Really though, guys, every time Flash is in an image all the discussion becomes about Flash. This image is no more about Flash than it's about Twilight, this level of obsession over him is way beyond just criticism of bad storytelling, and I think that some people need to just get over it.

Now, how about discussion of meta stuff about Flash Sentry be taken to the forums?
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that’s a good reason not to include him
Nah, that's a terrible reason. They should never shy away from doing what they want just because some people feel like being crybabies over nothing.
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I'm unsure as to how much of the fandom really dislikes him all that much. Of the people that actually participate in fandom activies (and thus get their opinions known), there's definitely a vocal minority that hates Flash, but it's very difficult to know how much of a minority it is. 5%? 10%? 20%? More?

That's also ignoring all of the people who don't do anything with the show more than watch it, so we have no way of knowing what they think about him.

@Registered Anon
Don't get me wrong, I respect that neutrality towards him. I'm just saying they know their audience well enough, the fact is that a large amount of the fandom does not like Flash Sentry.
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Drama in the comments
I don't think I would have cared whether he was in the episode or not. Apparently he was originally planned to appear and wonder why nobody likes him. That would have been amusing. But I'm neutral towards Flash as a whole. Maybe they could have done without him, but he's really just kind of there and easy to ignore if you wanted to. This sums up my feelings about Flash quite nicely.

@Background Pony #0FFD
Yeah, but Lyrabon was something they did in the background for ages, and they already pulled them into the foreground in Rainbow Rocks. What they did in the 100th episode was just a natural progression.

Sure it was going to stir some people, but for most it wouldn't bring the kind of immediate anger like a badly written love interest would bring. Most of the flames come from the discussions about LyraBon and the differing opinions, not the episode itself. Flash's appearance would've instigate immediate hate from quite a few, and that's a good reason not to include him.
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Pretty the Lyrabon crap is still causing flame wars to this day. It was not intended to do so, I'm aware, but it just pushed too many people's buttons.

Their interest was to present a lot of enjoyable fan content and mix it with their own, not to start more flame wars with that episode. And fires start around Flash.

They knew what they were doing when they didn't include him in episode 100.
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I still would've loved it if Larson had managed to fit that moment planned for the 100th episode where Pony Flash would've been chased by an angry mob and he would've complained to Cranky and asked why everyone hated him since he hadn't really done anything.