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@Background Pony #90A9
Relationships in fiction are not always "100% in your face canon" or "0% too bad friendzoned forever" they may grow closer like every friendship can. There isn't any rule in it that romantic couples have to be introduced and established to already be in love with eachother since their first appearance.
Background Pony #E115
Spike/Rarity. Rarity/Prince Blueblood. Applejack/That pony I forgot the name of. Cranky/Matilda. Shining Armor/Cadence

I think these are all the ships which are 100% undeniably about love.

@Background Pony #5E10
Spike/Rarity, Lyra/BonBon, Cheerilee/Big Mac and Discord/Fluttershy are often portrayed in tv show, comics, cards and books as characters somehow related to eachother as closest friends and at least ship teased once in one of these media.
Cheerilee/BigMac were compared to the main romantic couple from the musical "The music man" in the books. Discord/Fluttershy to the Doctor Who/Companion in the comics(and the Beauty and Beast in the card games), Lyra/BonBon to the married couple from "True Lies" in the tv show and Spike basically just crush on Rarity in all of them.
Background Pony #56CC
@Background Pony #5E10
Their dreams are both always being together. They held each others faces in slice of life and looked lovingly into each others eyes. It used to be just fun little ships, but lately the creators seem to like hinting they could at least be romantically involved. Obviously nothing concrete, but there's more to go on now than there ever was. It's not like they've just been going "Hey bro sup".
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@Background Pony #5E10
Everyone wants their ships to be canon, they'll go to extreme lengths, even if that means finding things that can be portrayed as implying their canon, even when it isn't.
>two ponies coincidentally both onscreen at same time?? CONFIRMED CANON SHIPPING!!!!!1!!!!!
Background Pony #2F55
Why are people assuming this is implies canon LyraBon? So, every time two best friends get fused together, they're a couple instead of best friends almost like siblings? It's bad enough people think SpikeRarity is canon, now this?
Background Pony #56CC
@Phantom Rider
Oh, gotcha. Yeah it's not too bad yet. I just don't want them to eventually, you know? I'm fine with nods here and there. Still hoping they share a single milkshake or drink with two straws sometime.
Background Pony #DDF9
But it more correctly indicates an intimate relationship, or sexual innuendo. 'Joined at the hip' literally means two people who are always having sex.
[citation needed]