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safe1615257 artist:daughter-of-fantasy70 applejack162546 fluttershy202949 pinkie pie207421 rainbow dash224002 rarity173746 twilight sparkle288262 oc626832 oc:pauly sentry342 earth pony215802 pegasus257167 pony882934 unicorn285094 crying41021 dead3914 disney2402 eyes closed84063 handkerchief450 mane six30369 meme origin393 movie703 mufasa31 open mouth129814 pinkamena diane pie18487 prone24060 sad23159 sad movie meme289 simba93 sitting57483 spread wings49640 television2260 the lion king496 tissue539 wavy mouth3347 wings87651


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Background Pony #20EB
Mufasa's death may have been sad, but it wasn't anything i would cry over…
Littlefoot's mother's death, on the other hand…
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Young Leosword
^He wasn't The One yet, he had to reincarnate, yeah? The Oracle said a bunch of stuff about that and shit and I never understood it all until I reached adulthood, lol.
Fox McClowd

meanwhile off to the left
Fox: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha sighs then points to the screen Hey spike i guess he wasnt "The One"

Am i the only one who laughs at sad parts of movies?

Try this.

Imagine having a character who you loved during your childhood dying right in front of you. When Goji let out his dying roar I just collapsed into tears.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012


Hey you didn't know that yet D:

…Besides. The other two I have would be spoilers for Legend of Korra or a french anime thing no one has heard of