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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
Old Master Q comics Collection Series 7, pg 25
r_r The quiet ones are always what you have to watch out for
Seriously, Applejack??!! You can’t beat the living daylights out of two thieves, yet Fluttershy, who gets easily scared by a falling leaf, can show intimidation without a single hit?! Shame on you, Jacky! Shame on you!
Thieves: Humanized Spur Bevel by DuskTheBatPack and Humanized Lightning thief by xFroggiii
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safe2041491 artist:meiyeezhu339 fluttershy244739 oc876106 oc:lightning thief1 oc:spur bevel46 human215498 manticore611 stare master783 animal6945 big breasts112442 blushing248404 breasts357292 busty fluttershy21815 clothes582193 comic127930 coward26 creature182 crime123 criminal111 everfree forest2405 forest13590 frightened357 funny5023 humanized113253 humanized oc2845 humanized ponified human155 knife6606 lightning thief2 mugging22 old master q504 parody16905 robbery138 scared13092 shori2 stare1670 sweater18037 sweatershy3439 tanktop9921 thief397 thieves4 traditional art135473


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Son of the Young Master
@Background Pony #AAD6  
Now, if you added Twilight and a cockatrice, additional rules apply:  
-Manticore traumatizes cockatrice  
-Fluttershy stares down at cockatrice  
-Cockatrice pecks robbers  
-Cockatrice petrifies Twilight  
-Twilight talks over Fluttershy  
-Twilight beams Manticore  
-Robbers blackmail Twilight
Background Pony #9C6A
Robbers beat Fluttershy, manticore beats robbers, Fluttershy beats manticore.
It’s like rock-paper-scissors.