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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
:) Trixie’s so sick, she’s actually turning into a real Equestrian girl!!
Anyway, why the heck is Twilight cooking up some latex? Well, for starters, latex is an emulsified milky sap that is used as active defense fluid for plants; it has also been used to make rubbery products and adhesives; thus, it is very essential for making:
-Bookbinding glue to repair those ancient spell books
-Party balloons for Pinkie Pie’s Preposterous Parties
-Fashion suits for Rarity’s new line of fetish clothing line
-Mattresses for Fluttershy’s animal dormitories
-Galoshes and gloves for those farmer’s hardworking hooves
-Coating Wonderbolt suits into a glamoring shine
Geez, I hope the Great and Powerful Trixie not greatly allergic to the powerful poisonous liquid…
^^ But I believe in Darwinism.  
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suggestive188801 artist:meiyeezhu341 trixie78981 twilight sparkle354814 human240893 g42007513 anime7503 breasts385411 clothes625901 comic134180 cook63 cooking1420 female1781957 funny5438 humanized118173 humanized ponified human159 kitchen2776 latex18581 old master q505 panties62974 parody17361 pot697 purple underwear2403 science1350 skirt54647 thief417 this will end in tears4297 traditional art141734 underwear77828 unexpected189 upskirt7243


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Oh lol  
I seriously read liquid lax the first time though. Wondered what Twilight needed that for. Then I saw the description and had an oh right moment.