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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
And this is why I believe in free public and privately provideddental care for everypony!
Dental Patients in the Waiting Room  
(Top down on left side)  
Sir Artemis Derpington by SirDerpington89  
Chrom Chill by chromchill12  
Cherry Cream by SecretMonsters  
Derpy Hooves  
Sweet Tooth by kalsagnia
(Top down on right side)  
Lyra Heartstrings  
Berry Punch  
Trixie Lulamoon  
As previously seen from this video:
For more Master Q parodies, go to:
safe1995350 artist:meiyeezhu332 berry punch7172 berryshine7172 derpy hooves54325 lyra heartstrings32364 minuette6488 pinkie pie240529 oc849287 human209156 breasts349675 busty berry punch238 busty derpy hooves1914 busty minuette158 busty pinkie pie13031 cleavage41764 comic125429 dentist176 female1625546 funny4942 humanized111594 old master q504 parody16733 pinkamena diane pie21167 traditional art132452


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Lycanian Spike

@Background Pony #19AE
Oh, and charging the poor with ridiculous expensive fees for treating a tooth infection isn’t cruel?
even translating 1 bit = $10 will still result in reasonable charge for severe tooth decay treatments which including enamel crown replacements.
Pinkie just eat too many and too much sugar…
The moral of the lesson, Celestia must work her healthcare coverage…