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suggestive145395 artist:lordstormcaller120 princess celestia95776 princess luna99857 anthro264408 series:the royal sisters saga30 addiction114 belly28951 belly button79415 big belly11657 breasts283168 busty princess luna7045 chocolate3394 chocolate addict20 chocolate bar104 chocoluna31 chubby13330 chubbylestia908 cleavage35091 clothes466902 dialogue66485 fat22358 female1380641 grope13416 luna loves chocolate31 muffin top705 need to go on a diet91 need to lose weight98 overeating85 overweight378 plump7234 princess moonpig572 shorts14224 sports bra3298 sports shorts1147 sweat26935 that pony sure does love chocolate33 thunder thighs8634 wide hips17697


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