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Backgroundless version of >>918846
safe1706836 artist:zacatron941043 trixie67500 twilight sparkle300363 alicorn224505 pony968018 equestria girls200466 barefoot27565 belly button77914 blue skin190 cleavage34576 clothes459760 cutie mark47734 denim shorts705 feet39902 female1363494 high res29572 implied twixie86 midriff19322 multicolored hair5574 multicolored mane1558 multicolored tail1191 plushie23977 purple eyes2335 purple fur76 sad24530 shorts13980 simple background393568 sitting63265 sitting on ground9 solo1064497 tanktop7691 teary eyes4131 tomboy1166 transparent background202408 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123670 vector76907


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