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Background Pony #59CD
Well I mean the whole mind control/coercion defense would get that document thrown out pretty quick
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Since the Beginning
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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nobody's favorite
Shining can get rid of her real quick. All he has to say is that if she’s gonna be his wife, she has to help raise his daughter.

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kurolothgar's avatar
Just think of all the child care money to pay if you didn’t go with chrysalis! However, just think of the bounty Cadence would put on your head if you don’t choose her!
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Kazapsky's avatar
Five scoops of ice cream
Gotta give credit where it’s due – it only took Shining one panel to get those two on the same page.

"Plan B" might be a bit unwieldy, but it works.
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Background Pony #509C
So, he’s going to kill himself because he can’t get two girls… I know that feel bro.
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Comments62 comments posted