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safe1679510 artist:niban-destikim383 apple bloom48787 applejack167741 berry punch6508 berryshine6508 bon bon16186 carrot cake2073 cheerilee9868 cup cake4077 daisy2482 derpy hooves49720 dj pon-329001 doctor whooves10664 fluttershy209881 lily1940 lily valley1940 lyra heartstrings29202 mayor mare3240 minuette5755 nurse redheart3521 octavia melody23530 pinkie pie213640 rainbow dash231004 rarity179407 roseluck5024 scootaloo50795 spike77947 spitfire13261 sweetie belle48505 sweetie drops16186 time turner10659 twilight sparkle297061 vinyl scratch29001 dragon54641 earth pony238780 pegasus281515 pony941854 unicorn312147 equestria daily1214 carousel boutique2085 comic107295 cutie mark crusaders18832 female1338839 filly64926 flower trio562 golden oaks library4965 hilarious in hindsight3136 male363573 mane six31505 mare467853 photoshop3725 ponyville5682 simpsons did it378 sopa21 stallion105194 sugarcube corner2234 the horror235 the simpsons1795 the simpsons movie22 thumbnail is a stick213 unicorn twilight16631


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Background Pony #FD3F
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Applejack: Twilight, you have to go out there, face that mob and apologise for what you did!
Twilight: I will, but if I go out, I’m afriad that they’ll kick all six of us out the dome.
Bon Bon: No we won’t, we just want to kick Twilight Sparkle out the dome!
Twilight: Well maybe not you, but they might take Spike!
Spike: I’m part of the mob, Twilight!
Barry Tone
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Christ's God: יהוה
@Aharon L'anglais

Spike also did it in the Diamond Dogs episode in Season 1 right after Rarity was taken down the hole. It's almost the same thing that Dan does (Or is it Did?) in Dan Vs. though — Camera angles, Shouting at the sky — Those are the same.

Emotion, Though? Dan was usually steaming angry and I think Spike was feeling something else.

Celestia:"I pick number 3."
Luna:"Don't you want to read them first?"
Celestia:"I crowned princess to lead. Not to read. NUMBER 3!