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@Background Pony #5619

Well, unless babies ALSO follow the only four body types mold(techincally five if you count 5 year old Sweetie Belle) than I think that proves it, as Pound and Pumpkin shouldn't look exactly the same if two years really have passed.When you're grown up a few years won't change you that much, but a baby will defintely go through a lot of changes in that span.
Background Pony #9B0C

No, that pony in Ponyville really was named Bon Bon. In order to go into deep cover, Agent Sweetie Drops had to assume her identity and… replace the original.
Background Pony #9B0C
The Bugbear escaped from Tartarus at the same time as Lord Tirek, when Cerberus left the gates unguarded. Since this was "a few years back" according to Bon Bon Special Agent Sweetie Drops, this puts season 5 at least two years after season 2, finally disproving that silly "S1 to S3 in only one year" theory.
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@Keith Mowz

No, it's not that. It's more along the lines of why I dislike the Twilicorn argument that goes like this: "If look back at all the previous episodes, how could you not see alicorn princess Twilight coming?!"

(I.e. That he had this planned all along. If he actually did, then I'll happily take back what I said)
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Given that Larson deliberately included that "all the ancient evil creatures that have been imprisoned there could escape and destroy Equestria" line in It's About Time so that Cerberus being AWOL could be used as a future excuse for monsters appearing, I would not at all put it past him to be referencing this.