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@Blacklight Shining
I didn't realize the couples kissing at wedding was child unfriendly.

your right its not, even when its two of the same genders or at least it should be. Give me a lyra and bon bon wedding in the show and have em kiss. doo eet, DOO EET #$%#@% DO IT. :P
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Smdh. You know what, never mind, if the basic idea was too complicated for you to understand then I see what I am dealing with here. Carry on.
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I didn't see anything there, does that make me wrong? I watched the episode without even thinking about that at all, I was more focused on the name thing.
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@Background Pony #B4CA
all I'm saying is, the people emphatically arguing that there is nothing here are no different from the people saying it's now canon.

I'm not trying to argue that it's 100% confirmed, but there sure as hell wasn't absolutely nothing here either.
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People are allowed to interpret a scene however they want. If they want to interpret something as lesbian, fine, if they want to interpret it as not, also fine. Anyone being forced to see something even if they don't want to/care about it isn't nice.
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Can't we go back to the good old days of shipping where people just enjoyed what they did, didn't shove it in anyone's face, or try to prove it as 'CANON' and that everyone should ship it too?

Oh, I guess those days never existed. See, I wouldn't hate this episode on principal if it wasn't for people like that.
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@Background Pony #664C
Chris Pratt was great in this he was badass and had some legit funny lines, the communicating with raptors thing is done really well you are not going to expect what happens trust me. The new dino is fucking scary as hell, the Mosasaur plays a huge role in the movie you'll see.

You're going to feel bad for the dinos even the carnivores trust me.
Background Pony #3F11
Sounds interesting. The whole thing about Chris Pratt being able to communicate with raptors seems like it could be either make or break. The Mosasaur and the hybrid do seem terrifying though. I've had a phobia of deep sea carnivores since I was a kid. Especially prehistoric ones.