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Sure, she was concerned about the return of Nightmare Moon and the fate of Equestria. But she also remembered what happened the last time Moondancer had one of her "little get-togethers"…

What? You thought her name had something to do with that moon?
safe (1427218)artist:kturtle (324)lemon hearts (1716)minuette (5002)moondancer (3830)twilight sparkle (260055)pony (694897)unicorn (202584)friendship is magic (2092)butt shake (882)butt touch (1950)coconut drink (5)cup (4638)cutie mark (33843)dancing (6838)drunk (4025)eyes closed (67841)face down ass up (6129)featured image (701)female (758466)floppy ears (41247)generation leap (5133)grimace (188)hilarious in hindsight (2841)homestar runner (235)hoof on butt (421)looking away (2833)looking back (41728)mare (334335)mooning (229)mooningdancer (36)music notes (2519)nose wrinkle (2623)open mouth (103944)plot (64847)pun (6689)pushing (579)raised hoof (32015)raised tail (11602)rump push (154)scrunchy face (6314)simple background (290291)smiling (182834)speech bubble (16617)spilled drink (98)straw (1517)tail (14720)unicorn twilight (7904)wavy mouth (2934)white background (72044)wide eyes (14269)


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