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"Rarijack :)

A quick pick

I have work, sorry if it is small or easy :C

Here we start officially the Rarijack month!!

I hope you all enjoyed this Twidash-feature Month as much as me :)

Kim out. Peace. "
safe1678924 artist:shikimaakemi83 applejack167691 rarity179338 earth pony238594 pony941399 unicorn311936 :<1019 abstract background14108 blushing192957 cute195668 eyes closed90315 featured image867 female1338321 get363 heart47211 hug27685 index get278 jackabetes5814 lesbian95138 nuzzling3888 raribetes5263 rarijack6969 shipping196579 smiling240939 watermark15681 wide eyes16828


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The Tastiest
I personally think that ship art should be able to be featured without a bunch of people throwing a fit over it.
Background Pony #CD66
It actually is pencil lines, I did it traditional way, and just scanned the sketch and colored with SAI :)

Akemi Shikima, AKA, Kim~♥
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🇬🇧 A Real Nowhere Man
Aww this is adorable. Love the style and colours!

I'm sad to see so much fighting though on any kind of featured shipping image, though. )=
Background Pony #D887
Wow, a featured RariJack pic. I kind of wish it was WhiteDiamonds instead cuz she's done so much for the ship but this is nice. Very adorable.