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safe1750834 artist:nothingspecialx952 oc712115 oc only465577 oc:thallium burst15 object pony776 original species26588 pegasus309249 pony1010788 atom44 clothes476146 element pony90 floppy ears54522 looking at you175733 pegasus master race14 ponified42005 prone26353 smirk13023 socks68572 solo1094539 spread wings57079 striped socks21946


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Background Pony #E43D
lol at "pegasus master race" tag.

then again, cuddling with a pegasus would probably be superior, with both hooves and wings wrapped around you.

Gay Viking
That facial expression it just says "Come lie with me you know you want to" and damn if it ain't right.