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suggestive172821 artist:magnaluna1206 discord34768 princess luna109240 alicorn274326 draconequus16924 pony1322800 2 panel comic2359 abstract background20675 absurd resolution71574 adorasexy11384 blushing238555 both cutie marks12556 butt178839 chest fluff53286 comic123845 crown24943 cute236110 discute1141 dock61925 ear fluff41614 exclamation point4890 eyes closed120638 face licking346 fangs33212 female1602744 fluffy16889 heart61116 hornboner359 hug33550 impossibly long tongue334 jewelry91222 kissing28882 leg fluff3915 licking24368 lunabetes3973 lunacord346 male459644 mare618044 moonbutt4282 non-consensual licking54 open mouth197640 plot115039 question mark5736 regalia29805 sexy37966 shipping229688 shoulder fluff2522 slit pupils6228 straight159523 stupid sexy discord151 stupid sexy princess luna905 tentacle tongue645 wing fluff1956 young discord74 younger20243


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Background Pony #CA0B
We know that luna will most likely have nightmares in future episode. One of them will most likely involve Celestia turning into her version of Nightmare Moon (based on card games). It would be funny if she also had a nightmare that have Luna wedding Discord XD
Artist -
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Fanfic idea: Luna enteres Discords dreams to help him with deliberating over a thing like Luna has done to others (The CMC), but Discord turns up the troll level, realising he’s in a dream world, and just aggravates Luna.
Either that or Discord has no power in the dream world and Luna turns the troll back on him.
Alara Rogers

@Background Pony #47C0  
I think they’re much younger in this, so it wouldn’t explain the Gala.
The best explanation for Luna’s absence is that she works at night. Just because Celestia is having a party doesn’t mean everyone in Equestria is suddenly having happy dreams… Other possibility is that she is still kind of shy and introverted and has a hard time with big parties unless they are specifically about her. Like, she had to learn to get into the whole Nightmare Night thing, but because she’s the guest of honor she can deal with it.
Background Pony #FA29
Yes Luna. Imagine all the places he could reach with that thing after he’s done with that horn job of course.
Nicely done art by the way. looks good.