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safe1881918 artist:mrshyguy1 edit148453 edited screencap74828 screencap244944 discord33647 fine line262 maxie261 perfect pace336 rarity196481 smooze650 draconequus15416 pony1228460 unicorn403133 make new friends but keep discord2125 animated107746 butt143735 cartoon physics748 female1519839 funny4591 funny as hell541 grand galloping gala559 hilarious131 male428928 mare568161 naked rarity226 ooze76 plot100345 stallion135474 vacuum cleaner234 wat20236


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Barry Tone
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Needs to know Hebrew.
Suddenly this reminds me of a cartoon about a tiny man who got sucked into a vacuum cleaner. Didn’t his name start with an O? There was also an episode where he went to a grocery store and ended up with an olive stuck on him and someone then mistook him for a bug. What was that?

I personally can’t get over the totally satisfied expression Discord has here after he sucks her up.
It makes me laugh uncontrollably for some reason.
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@Mr. Swagg
Nope, it’s just me.  
I make stuff like this rarely and only when I feel like it, so I wouldn’t classify myself as an “artist” that needs to be tagged here.
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I had an idea for a fic where Twilight accidentally teleports herself to Nowhere, and the military guys show up to try and capture her, and Courage has to try to keep her safe until she can get build up her magic back up to teleport home
then I realized that I have no idea how to translate all of the visual humor in Courage into writing and I kinda gave up.
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Gizmonics Scientist
I mean I want to see Courage in a style that fits with the how things are in Equestria.  
I have seen the art but it’s always him as he looked in his own show or him and Shy in the artist own style.

I’ve seen some artwork (and I think a fanfic) where Courage exists in Equestria and was taken in by Fluttershy. They would definitely be good friends. Both often fearful, but when push comes to shove and their friends are in danger, they can be very brave.
Since the Beginning  -

If you’re referring to the artist superedit, no, it’s just me.  
I make stuff like this rarely and only when I feel like it, so I wouldn’t classify myself as an “artist” that needs to be tagged here.