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Before Stella could respond, an orange hoof snapped her out of her thoughts

Flare: had extended a hoof, smiling I-I’m glad to have met you, sister..! I hope we can get to know each other better!

Stella: …… narrows her eyes as she looks at the hoof I…. shakes her head, standing up I-I can’t..do this. I don’t have any sisters..!

Flare: ! ears lower as she puts her hoof down

Twilight: Stella-

Stella: NO! THIS IS…THIS IS CRAZY! looks to Flare and Sunset, eyes narrowing as tears lined her eyes You’re not taking my father from me!! I’m-! ….. slowly quiets, seeing the terrified looks on Flare’s and Sunset’s faces, her mind and emotions churning into a hurricane as tears fell from her eyes I… shakes her head, turning and bolting out of the room

Twilight: STELLA! STEL-

The sound of a distant door slamming echoed down the hall


Flash: ears lower, his face showing apparent confliction

Twilight: ….. sighs, her ears lowering as well as she looked to Sunset

Sunset: U-Uhm…w-we’re gonna leave. This wasn’t a good idea…I’m so sorry, Twilight.

Twilight: Just give us some time, Sunset. This…admittedly was a lot to throw at her all at once. I’ll write to you with an update, okay?

Sunset: nods, her and Flare slowly walking out I hope things go well..

Twilight: whispers As do I…
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Background Pony #7BC7
Am I crazy for thinking that they really AREN’T sisters in the sense that Flash Sentry isn’t the father? Well, not THAT Flash Sentry, but the other one. You know… What’s-his-face… "Brad"?

So yeah, technically they’d be related by blood, but then you toss in parallel universes into the mix and things go belly up from there.
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Background Human
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

CHS, Class of 20XX
The kid’s got a point. Genetic coincidence aside, the two of them aren’t really sisters, half or otherwise. The orthodox levels on this family arrangement are most un.