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suggestive139719 artist:lil miss jay2482 rarity179328 anthro254114 unguligrade anthro47084 make new friends but keep discord2013 areola17076 areola slip1809 assisted exposure1768 big breasts79631 blushing192949 breasts270224 busty rarity12442 clothing theft341 complete nudity3686 covering3894 covering crotch318 embarrassed11124 embarrassed nude exposure2246 exhibitionism8460 female1338250 full body2185 humiliation2107 naked rarity211 nudity362044 public humiliation504 public nudity3106 rarihips153 scene interpretation8418 solo1045184 solo female177005 technicolor areola13 we don't normally wear clothes887 wide hips16422


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I count 12 versions so far. No futa yet, though. That'd make the public humiliation so much more delicious. Rarity getting incredibly turned on from being disrobed at the most official event of the year and having so many high-standing ponies ogle her naked form. Desperately trying to contain her arousal to have any chance of hiding her suddenly growing and dripping member, which up until this point had been kept secret from the world. Dearly hoping tomorrow's tabloids won't be filled with speculations and witness reports of her unusual gender, or, Celestia forbid, hard photographic evidence.
Background Pony #3BFB
I dunno why Discord was on the screen for most of that Rarity-centric episode

Rarity was stripped naked in front of the most important peers she’ll ever have.

Princess Celestia, royalty, fashion idols, her friends, her little sister.

This was easily the most embarrassing moment of Rarity’s entire life.

And that’s hot as fuck.
Background Pony #8B42
Given that it's Little Miss Jay, I have to wonder how much she was wearing before.