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"I get no respect from Fluttershy!"


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I, Da Witchfinder

I'm aware of that. I'm a fan of his. But I'd bet my bottom dollar that 75% of people (especially younger fans) who saw this scene immediately thought of Aladdin.

Not to mention there's a number of similarities between Discord and The Genie. If anyone else had done this, my mind likely would've gone to Dangerfield instead.

I wouldn't say it's really a reference to Aladdin, though. Perhaps influenced by it, but not a direct reference. The tie-pulling thing was kinda the guy's signature move, after all.
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I Sell Propane
"fluttershy don't give me no respect, no respect at all! on our first tea time i asked her if i could give her a goodnight kiss on the cheek; she bent over!"
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"Look at me, I got no sex life…whenever I start masturbating, I get a headache and walk out of the room!"

"I saw my doctor last week I tell him, 'Doc, I wake up every morning I look in the mirror and feel sick what's wrong with me?', he says,'I don't know, but your eyesight is perfect'."
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Hey, screw you! Rodney Dangerfield is great!