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artist edit smaller rainbow dash’s ear in first panel.

safe2116710 artist:ruhje87 applejack196097 rainbow dash272747 earth pony422594 pegasus470941 pony1477933 g41925595 duo156231 female1738512 lesbian114681 looking at each other32136 mare702422 open mouth224927 ship:appledash7557 shipping245800 snow18394 snowball800 snowball fight419 tree45947 winter5931


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Background Pony #5B2D
That’s sooo true!  
I mean, I really like to read about rarijack and I also love their back and forth in the show, but the more ship fics I read about them and the more I analyse the episodes, the more I notice that it’s basically just the slapstick I enjoy here.  
They fight pretty much about everything and frankly, those fights are pretty cruel, they are attacking each other on such a personal level that it’s really mean :(  
It feels almost as if they were only friends because they happen to have the same friends. I really doubt that they would hang out with each other if it weren’t for the others.  
This draws me farther and farther away from this pairing recently :/
Don’t get me wrong, there lots of great stories written about them, but I actually dont care much if it has an happy ending. That’s a good and a bad thing, imo.

@Background Pony #B3F8
AJ and Rarity have a great friendship and their banter is great. I do love watching that. But anything romantic… if you pay attention to them, you’ll see that if they were to get romantic, it would just lead to pain and tears eventually. They’d fight far, far more and more viciously than AppleDash would. AppleDash fights about who is right or wrong. RariJack would fight about anything and everything, and would likely be talking about two different topics entirely and miss each other’s points.
Background Pony #2265
There’s no goddamn way Applejack would have Dash against the tree here, as though the initiator for a probable sequel.
Background Pony #5B2D
lol, kiddos, pretending to start a serious shipping discussion but then all they say is: I like rarijack, appledash is overrated, mimimi.  
I agree with  
@Background Pony #191A  
Rarijack becomes the most overrated an meh ship nowadays (I still like it though). Appledash on the other hand is… well… classic at this point. Its overdone, that’s totally true, but in my opinion it still keeps it value like a good wine and is getting more and more attention lately. It may not be my otp anymore, but I just keep loving it. They worked great years ago, but keep working great today =)
Background Pony #ACF6
@Background Pony #191A  
Nah. I started liking RariJack because they have so much going on in the show, so many moments and lines, and so much character development over seasons. AppleDash started off like that which’s why I used to like it but they really stopped building on that duo, and RariDash’s even worse off than AppleDash there. I can probably count how many times Rarity and RD have interacted in the whole series on one hand.
So sorry mate, but I’m good.