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“Screw Loose (that’s not her real name, the ponies from the hospital named her like that) was a very talented builder since she was a filly, she had a twin, Shoe Shine, (a background pony from the show), they had a similar hairstyle and were very close.  
Screw Loose had a good childhood, she build a little house to play with her sister, had a silly fallin love with a colt from his class, got her cutie mark and became better and better in her talent.  
When she grew older, she met Ambrosia, who contract her and she got a job in the company of buildings in Ponyville.  
But one day in her break, she took off her helmet for lunch, and from the top of the building under construction, somepony accidentally dropped a tube, which struck her head and caused the state of amnesia and madness in the which she is currently.  
Her mother is heartbroken, her sister is devastated and her Doctor, who is the same person she fall in love when she was a filly, doesn’t know what to do.  
And they are the only ponies who she let to be close to her, like some part of her still remember them.”
semi-grimdark33499 artist:islamilenaria84 ambrosia109 cindy block109 doctor horse406 doctor stable406 linky1807 nurse sweetheart272 screw loose583 shoeshine1920 backstory174 blood28533 crying50492 cutie mark52089 eye contact7339 feels1630 female1605421 floppy ears64600 glare8701 gritted teeth16633 mouth hold21251 screwy13 sisters13296 sitting78804 wavy mouth4813 wide eyes18844 younger20302


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