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From On a Cross and Arrow

Her eyes kept their watch. The pony's course was not changing in the slightest, it looked like they were going to pass within a few yards of the HEDGE. She began to realize that as the equine approached, its colors were becoming more distinct. Bit by bit, Dash's face began to devolve into an expression of anguish as she realized that coat was not a lavender hue… but a bright shade of bubblegum pink.
She was also chagrined to find that as the form became clearer, her wings began to stiffen, deploying themselves against her will.
Celestia dammit! she thought. Why do want?!


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Background Pony #FF17
Pinkie Le Pew (now fits gender of Pepe) and Penelope Dash (still female as ever)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Rainbow Dash: Oh crap. What's pink, has a hyperactive personality, and HASN'T MET OUR COUNTERPART!?!

…And that's how Equestria was un-made.