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Are all Marines BGP’s or somethin’?

Eh, I know a guy who’s always wanted to join the military his whole life, but had some major heart surgery and stuff and got stuck with a 4F and a "no". Some recruiter recently texted him saying he could have his heart checked again and if it clears he might could join, but he can’t afford the check.

Funny, though, vet friend of ours is like "No. Don’t." And me and another joint friend are like, "why would you do that? Do you like being woken at 3am and forced to do someone else’s bidding all day in grueling work and abuse?"

It’s interesting, though, the whole honors thing.

And kind of funny.

I’ve been through some serious crap, and sometimes, as anyone I want honor and respect, so sometimes I can’t help but wonder which is harder. But I don’t think you can really say one is harder than the other. Bedridden, more pipes poking into my organs than I could keep track of, a massive cut that wouldn’t heal, superhuman effort just to walk 20 feet leaning on someone else… Or getting screamed at and abused all day for weeks at a camp in an uber-macho culture with no privacy. I didn’t have anyone yelling in my face, but the people who get yelled at in their face didn’t have to breathe through a pipe in their throat. I didn’t have to wake up at 3, but I couldn’t sleep more than a few hours. I had air conditioning, but often soaked the bed with cold sweats.

Life, the world, it’s odd and complex…

I’ll never experience even a tiny sliver of what life has to offer, but it’s an impossible miracle yet unavoidable that I experience anything at all and life exists. I get deep fast… Especially when it’s almost 6am, holy frick I need to sleep!…
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (5 Years) - Celebrated Derpibooru's five year anniversary with friends.

This is cool, and made me laugh. Funny how I am the opposite of Rapid here: I am a school-age (well, college-age) human male who’s not in any kind of military force, but has a personal trainer who made me an honorary US Marine…and I use MLP in both its forms (FiM and EqG) to escape the hardships of my own life.
With my understanding, this comic is set in a universe where humans don’t exist and have never existed, so I think "Mythological" would make sense. Also the fact that the "My little human" tag is also on here, their equivalent of MLP. AND, that RD is a pegasus, which don’t exist.