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Finally a collab with a finished product having wanting to do one for so long with a friend.
Spectre-Z made Flutter's room
I made them dance in it. Really happy with how this one came out.

Full quality WEBM here
explicit346405 artist:fruitymilk160 artist:spectre-z185 fluttershy211023 rainbow dash232223 pegasus285661 pony952418 3d74439 animated97772 bed40382 bedroom10160 collar32615 cute197519 cute porn6209 doggy style7677 female1348613 flutterdash4511 flutterpet273 fluttershy's cottage1370 from behind13134 futa45238 futa fluttershy4010 futa on female11458 happy sex2092 intersex43188 leash7627 nudity365632 perfect loop1352 pet play3585 pillow17646 relaxing porn7 sex119401 shipping198112 slow sex53 source filmmaker45331


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Fluffy boys bring joys!
Only 3 pics under the "gentle sex" tag?! This gotta change fast! This kind of thing warms my body in more than one place…….

….It's cute and hot. Best combo!
Background Pony #7CCA
Description is incorrect. WEBM link goes to the Fluttershy/Timberwolf animation. Correct WEBM is at according to the source.