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suggestive172991 artist:graphenescloset757 rainbow dash259392 pegasus407020 pony1324286 tanks for the memories1561 belly36163 clothes559527 fat26094 female1604076 looking back74128 mare618785 morbidly obese9386 obese13738 plot115317 rainblob dash1014 rainbutt dash5272 solo1268807 solo female207665 swimsuit34745 the ass was fat18601 tubby wubby pony waifu224 wardrobe malfunction5880 weight gain5194 winter swimsuit53


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Just a few pounds and nothing more, her flanks spilling out from between the seams of her taxed shorts. Stretched beyond their natural elasticity by her massive cloud sinking ass. Each cutie now 3 times the size of her starting weight, and that gain was reflected all over her body. Chubby cheeks, with a larger barrel connected to an ever bigger orb of fat; even her forelegs were starting to accumulated a light layer of pudge around them. Nothing the fattest fastest pegasus in Equestria.