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"Just hit 6,666 followers, this calls for something sinister… How about unveiling a batty cover? "
safe1751319 artist:andypriceart3120 applejack173352 fluttershy217306 pinkie pie220280 rainbow dash238654 rarity185642 spike80522 twilight sparkle306253 bat1803 bat pony52224 pony1011313 vampire4063 idw15469 apple16763 applebat149 barnabas collins6 bat ponified2840 candle4905 count orlok10 cover2995 dark shadows7 dracula258 flutterbat6943 interview with a vampire6 lestat de lioncourt5 mane seven6677 mane six32578 musical instrument11812 nosferatu21 piano1124 pinkiebat177 race swap14673 rainbowbat189 raribat147 the lost boys9 traditional art120303 twibat165 vampirella34


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Oh god there turning into vampires … Wait how about this for a team up Simon Belmont from the first 2 castvaina games teams up with van helsing
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I would have expected Pinkie Pie's vampire costume to be modeled after Leslie Nielsen in Dracula: Dead and Loving It.

Nice piece of work here. Very creative.