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Background Pony #CE5D
Like to see what a HUGE Pegasi city would look like.
It would be called Cyclone City - the Manehattan of the sky. Looking somewhat like Cloud City from “Empire Strikes Back”, it is the largest Pegasus settlement in Equestria. Located on top of a perpetual hurricane fixed in the middle of The Great Mare Sea, hundreds of miles off from the coast, it is the center for production of expensive Lightanium - a metal that is lighter than air - and is used, in addition to Airwood, in the construction of floating carts, wagons and airships used to move goods and passengers around in the sky! It is also a major tourist destination for wealthy Earth Ponies who can walk on the city with Lightanium horseshoes, and Unicorns with cloud-walking spells. Griffons and other flight-capable peoples live there in considerable numbers as well.