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safe1750186 artist:frikdikulous247 apple bloom50954 babs seed5816 scootaloo51912 sweetie belle49721 bloom and gloom1036 alternate hairstyle29072 broken horn14055 clothes475884 colored19861 cornrows16 crying44803 cutie mark crusaders19320 glue335 greaser66 jacket13144 scissors1131 sketch64533


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Background Pony #031D
I like how Babs Seed is reformed! She is like sunset shimmer because even if she was a bully in her past, her past, is not today, and she can go things to help apple bloom, sweetie Belle, and scootaloo. However, just one problem: unless this is supposed to be an alternate universe, her cutie mark does not look like that! Anyways, cool art!
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

With Apple Bloom: "Yeah, you can thank me laters."

With Sweetie Belle: "Icanfixthis! Icanfixthis!"

With Scootaloo: "Knock 'em dead, Scoots!"