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And here's the supposed plot hole of RR filled — SS's exile sent them forward in time, implied to be a few months before EQG/RR events.


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@Red Yellow Moon

Well i can guess that when the portal is closed time moves faster in equestria that it does in the human world. When its open its reversed. Examples:

-Sunset whent trhough the mirror when her ages was the same as current twilight, in that point Twilight was a filly but when sunset returned she didnt seemed to age at all.

-When Twilight return from the Human world it seemed that in Equestria time didnt moved as it almost seemed she returned almost instantly instead of the 3 days she spent in the human world. I say this because her friends never seemed to move from the chamber(Exept Luna and Celestia).

For the sirens i can say for them it has been 1-3 years from their banishment but in equestria it has been 1000 years
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A world without magic. Not since the show ’’Once Upon a Time’’ have I heard that term.
Red Yellow Moon

Why did the mirror send them 1,000 years into the future? That mirror looks like the one Twilight used, so why didn't it do the same thing (send her several years into the future) to her?

Also, why did Star Swirl send the Dazzlings 1,000 years into the future? Was that ever explained?
Background Pony #0A2C
I just pray enough people, especially artists and writers, don't accept this as canon. I don't want to live in a future where no one makes art or stories about the Dazzlings being on Earth for 1000 years because of Ted's shitty writing.
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