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safe1613542 artist:invisibleguy-ponyman561 flash sentry12143 princess celestia91090 princess luna95407 twilight sparkle287990 equestria girls187181 animated94064 ashamed102 bellyrubs1067 blinking3350 blushing182126 crossed hooves1764 cute185893 embarrassed10520 flash sentry gets all the mares109 frown21815 glare8052 grumpy2391 jealous1176 lunabetes3285 lunasentry12 on back22923 petting1715 prone24023 sitting57366 smiling224067 tail flick83 tail wag983 tsundere2702 tsunderuna41 twilight is not amused1313 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118237 unamused14602


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
@T-storm Berzerker
I for one am not complaining about "onoes he stole mah waifu" (which, by the way, I really dislike the "word" waifu for just not actually being a word in English), I just dislike him for being a rather bland and 1-dimensional character who gets put centre-stage far more than he deserves to be.
Background Pony #5BA0
@T-storm Berzerker
With time passing, flash is not gonna turn more likeable, and if you don't like complains, just ignore them. It's internet, everyone would complain about everything.
Background Pony #F0A2
@T-storm Berzerker
It's been two years, and people are still misrepresenting the majority of the complainers.

Granted, given how comically overblown some of the reactions to him are, it's kinda hard not to…
Cruiser Bruiser

Jukebox hero
It's been two years, and people are still crying about flash because "he stole muh waifu" and/or for merely existing. Sheesh people, it's just a cartoon.