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I think the only why Yahtzee would review the fandom is if someone makes an FiM game, and it is released in the slow section of the year.
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What would Yahtzee say about Pinkie Pie? I’ll giv it a shot.
"It was halfway through the first episode that I wondered just how these characters can handle this Pink cunt coming into their house uninvited with dozens of strangers and throwing a surprise party for someone she’s just met. When I come home, I expect that my furniture won’t be covered in garbage, vomit, and whatever else party guests can possibly make a mess with and that I don’t have to report a break-in as well as an ARMED ASSAULT. I later learned that she can break the laws of reality as some kind of mixture of Bugs Bunny, the RoadRunner, and SPIDERMAN making her a superhero who could be fighting all the suddenly appearing impossibly powerful end bosses that have so far both STARTED each season and only ended one but instead uses her powers to annoy every living being on the entire planet and compliment the villain on his taste in nonsensical weather while her slightly less insane cunt friends are coming up with something more useful to do like use the magical mcguffin jewelry that they apparently forget to wear every morning or MURDER HER."
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