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safe (1500471) artist:dtkraus (446) starlight glimmer (40751) pony (777709) unicorn (232977) the cutie map (3639) 200% mad (145) animated (88099) glowing eyes (9071) glowing eyes meme (171) meme (75861) reaction image (9024) red (581) seizure warning (2964) smiling (197057) solo (923977) starlight justice warrior (18) triggered (310) vector (69365) vibrating (1065) wide eyes (15488) x intensifies (311)


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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III

You jackass, how dare you suggest such a thing! All Poptard wanted was to open your eyes to the evils that are us! Now the both of us should go kill ourselves in a fire! You for calling him out on that and me for calling you out on calling him out on it!

Don't worry though, I'll jump into the fire first.

Wait, what am I killing myself for again? I think I got a bit confused.
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The Tastiest
okay what
why the fuck isn't this imaged tagged with a gif warning
i don't like gifs
you are scum. You are literally scum.
i'm calling the mods right now, and they'll help the FBI to stop you from posting ever again.
i hope you die, shitlord.