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safe1617715 screencap211026 twilight sparkle288567 alicorn206525 pony885360 the cutie map4033 animated94261 behaving like a bird564 cute186611 embarrassed10582 feather ruffle8 female1287725 grin34712 hnnng2324 mare440204 nervous5299 ruffling wings7 smiling224979 solo1005197 squee1935 twiabetes10882 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118487 twitch261 weapons-grade cute3381


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Kerfuffle lover
And with that simple fluff of her wings, Twilight sent hundreds of thousands of heart attacks to bronies all over the country. Twilight knew that her work was done.
Background Pony #F8D8

So could we have a "horses doing birdy things" tag now?