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Knight Shine is the son of Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer (biological), and Flash Sentry (biological). Knight Shine has always been a pessimist, to the point his family and friends say he was born with a storm cloud over his head. He has, in fact, always loved stormy weather. When its storming, it seems to be the only time hes content. Because of his pessimism, hes also been a bit of a bully at times, especially to his older sister, before her transition. When she was still a he, Knight Shine used to mock his older brother for his weakness, his lack of control and overall femininity. After learning how his sister truly felt, he became very protective of her.
Knight Shine values his strength and lack of fear for the weather, making him an apt candidate to be a Wonderbolt, which is his overall goal, especially with his talent for making and controlling tornadoes.


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