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Yeah, it almost makes it more tragic, the other way in the OtherVerse. Seems Sombra resisted the temptation and moved away from the Crystal Empire to overthrow the evil Celestia and Luna (possibly costing him his relationship with Hope). He then dedicated his life to a solitary duty of protecting his people from an incredible amount of evil….and then to sacrifice himself to save it, more than his life, he gave his soul.
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out of all the villains Sombra is truly the only one i feel sorry for.

the fact that the princess kept what he was from him was her own undoing & his, i understand that she did it to protect him but in the end it led him down the path.

when he was a foal she should have to him about being a Umbrum pony & their history no matter how bad even if it shook him to his core she could have told him what you are does not make you who you are you shape your own destiny which could have led him to look to hope for more support. she also could have found a way to help him over come the years of pain he dealt with that was part of the steps that led him down his path. in the end he heard the the truth from the wrong one the combination years of pain, feeling like a outcast, being denied something he wanted to be apart of & fear of loosing his only friend due to the vision he kept seeing only made it easy for the red crystal to get in his head & jack up his mind. the icing on the cake was not only when he found out what was killing him but the fact that he learned the next fair was going kill him already corrupted out of fear & desperation stole the heart to save himself which led to being confronted by the princess who finally admitted to knowing from the beginning what he was. now corrupted feeling fear, desperate, angry & betrayed he did what in the end loosing losing hope his one last shred of "humanity".

in the sombra was told by the wrong people because now he felt used by the one who cared for him leading him to join the ones who are using him.

on another note what about the other sombra did he face a similar situation but resisted corruption because from what i gathered the one of difference between the two worlds are that the personalities example the alternate mane six are exact opposites of of the main mane six
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its like the Time Eobard Thawne found out that he was destined be Professor Zoom and to die by the hands of his idol The Flash Barry Allen.
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