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safe1590317 artist:latecustomer324 berry punch6142 berryshine6132 bon bon15738 derpy hooves48476 dj pon-328233 lyra heartstrings28135 minuette5412 pinkie pie204858 sweetie drops15738 vinyl scratch32328 earth pony204461 pegasus245231 pony857211 unicorn271892 adorabon621 burger1625 chest fluff32986 cute181083 derpabetes2182 drink4418 eating8804 fluffy13032 food61872 french fries500 hay burger545 ketchup270 lyrabetes1233 magic66618 messy eating1065 pickle169 smiling218744 wallpaper17834


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Background Pony #0062
Oh you're twenty-three years old now,
Stick with what you know.
And the burger joint just down the road
seems like the place to go.

It's comfortable and inviting.
And it won't tell you lies.
I want that, Bacon Cheeseburger, with those
DAY-amn good fries~