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CPU usage was 80% on an i5 4670k
safe1637789 a.k. yearling310 admiral fairy flight33 aloe2532 amethyst star2464 angel bunny9592 apple bumpkin286 applejack164433 archer (character)222 aunt orange344 babs seed5666 beauty brass464 big macintosh27394 blossomforth1406 blues964 bulk biceps3356 candy mane267 caramel2424 carrot cake2021 carrot top5300 chancellor puddinghead356 cheese sandwich3889 cherry berry2018 chickadee859 cloud kicker1908 clover the clever366 coco pommel5753 colter sobchak121 commander easy glider75 commander hurricane409 cookie crumbles983 cup cake3954 daisy2382 daring do6271 derpy hooves49035 diamond mint194 discord29722 dj pon-328652 doctor caballeron773 donut joe771 fancypants1880 fiddlesticks466 fili-second804 firefly1675 flash sentry12347 fleetfoot2078 fleur-de-lis3463 flitter2954 flower wishes2250 fluttershy205497 frederic horseshoepin277 general firefly21 general flash24 gilda9327 giselle170 golden harvest5300 gummy4966 gustave le grande230 hondo flanks509 humdrum444 irma171 jesús pezuña43 king sombra13266 lightning bolt896 lightning dust4398 lily1906 lily valley1904 limestone pie4803 linky1488 lyra heartstrings28713 mane-iac1591 marble pie6268 mare do well960 masked matter-horn795 maud pie12143 minuette5636 mistress marevelous708 misty fly528 mjölna411 mosely orange142 mr breezy54 ms. harshwhinny2284 ms. peachbottom859 natalya135 neon lights856 night light2152 nightshade425 noteworthy964 nurse snowheart152 octavia melody23194 opalescence2050 owlowiscious1955 philomena1040 pinkie pie209777 pipsqueak2793 princess cadance31495 princess celestia92249 princess luna96467 princess platinum609 private pansy275 queen chrysalis33659 radiance781 rainbow dash226403 rainbowshine871 rarity175805 raven667 rising star855 roseluck4889 rover978 ruby pinch1295 rumble3855 saddle rager810 scootablue198 screw loose545 screwball1430 sea swirl1508 seabreeze487 seafoam1508 sheriff silverstar239 shining armor22349 shoeshine1603 smart cookie250 snails5210 snips4133 soarin'13624 sparkler2316 spike76598 spitfire13054 stellar eclipse167 steven magnet568 sunset shimmer59995 sunshower raindrops2312 suri polomare1175 surprise2920 tank2673 tealove86 thunderlane3946 trenderhoof844 trixie64956 twilight sparkle291551 twilight velvet4058 uncle orange282 vinyl scratch28652 white lightning896 winona2483 zapp772 alicorn210789 breezie2100 changeling44038 griffon25564 pegasus265392 phoenix1726 pony903554 ancient wonderbolts uniform339 apple family member2654 balloon9845 carrot cup279 clothes434924 cookieflanks179 costume26371 cupcake5188 desktop ponies1276 everypony372 fancyfleur187 female1303725 flutterbat6695 fredtavia78 hot air balloon930 irva1 male350589 mane six30822 mare449012 nightvelvet388 pinkamena diane pie18656 ralph37 s1 luna7103 shadowbolts1554 shadowbolts costume1103 shiningcadance2534 shipping191346 so much pony142 sombra eyes3352 straight129844 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119863 twinkling balloon399 wall of tags2803 welcome princess celest34 windows771 windows 7189


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Duck - Shills for Shillary

Ops System is weak! I have an old as heck C2D @2.13Ghz and, 4Gibs of DDR2 RAM, and my System is ticking over about 25% CPU…
Background Pony #D799
I clicked on the image out of curiosity, then remembered the tag list and realized I'd made a horrible mistake.

My computer wants to die.
Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
They even interact. Bon Bon will lie down in Lyra's lap when she's in the Al Bundy sitting pose. Also, I've never seen Surprise in her Wonderbolt uniform unless there was another Wonderbolt onscreen with her.