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Quick correction to the shade opacities across Cadance's body. SVG here (78.52 kB) and cutie mark here.
safe1750052 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel1013 artist:parclytaxel1393 princess cadance33145 alicorn232826 pony1010102 .svg available8462 absurd resolution67018 female1401515 inkscape1933 levitation12561 licking20851 lollipop2515 lovebutt1329 magic75372 mare501993 open mouth154210 plot82096 ponytail18754 shading1985 simple background408971 solo1094097 standing12876 tail bow5798 teen princess cadance917 telekinesis28715 tongue out108213 transparent background208738 vector77865 younger17759


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Background Pony #EDEA
Hahahahahahahah that’s so not cute to me I don’t even know who that’s is she’s ugly
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Why is there being a discussion in the comments about how ponies would hold a sucker? Ponies have been shown to hold stuff, so the idea they can't is kind of silly.

This is talking, candy colored ponies we are talking about. Ones with innate magic, a cutiemark that is a visual representation of one's greatest skill or talent and destiny, with many magical things involved in most every pony's daily life.

Heck in Cutie Pox it shows fencing of all things with one's hoof, so holding a sucker is of little concern… at least for me.

@Background Pony #1182

They're the nearest thing to the matter at hand, I guess.

Wearable sweets.

…but I'd like to see Cadence with a packet of Swizzels-Matlow 'Love Hearts', though. <3

And as I forgot to point out in my last post, re. nostalgia:



…whatever happened to Spangles?! X3

Maud Pie would like them.

Sweet Necklaces by Swizzels-Matlow:

(Pinkie & Maud Pie would approve!)


From those who brought you 'Love Hearts' (which is what Cadence would favour, for obvious reasons!)

Were around in the 'Penny Sweets'* display section of my local newsagents as a callow youth a few decades ago; still available to date, such is their endurance as a form of confectionery (they still produce 'Parma Violets'!)

*- Fruit Salad & Black Jack chews, 'Flying Saucers' ('UFOs' made of rice paper, with sherbet inside), Sherbet Fountains (with the liquorice straw), Sherbet Dip Dabs, 'Refreshers' & Swizzels Fizzers, 'Bazooka Joe' bubblegum, Curly-Wurlies, Acid Drops, Aniseed Balls, net bags of Chocolate Coins ('Bits'); ah, happy days…!

For more Nostalgia Bombs: http://www.aquarterof.co.uk
Background Pony #26CA
@Background Pony #D930
Somebody never had a candy necklace.
Gotta admit I don't remember having had one.
That said, from what I've seen, they tend to be made of a bunch of single-bite sized chewable candy, not hard candy, so… yeah, no grossness there. Once a chunk's gone into one's mouth, nothing of it's coming back out.

With the stick you’d be stuck with it til you finished it if you actually managed to get it unwrapped and between both hooves without dropping it.
Unwrap: hold stick, pull (possibly slightly differently designed) wrapper off top.
I don't get the "stuck with it" part. It's not really going to be any different from humans with suckers, other than being limited to "sitting and holding" vs "in mouth".
… I've honestly always chomped hard candy up out of impatience and never understood the appeal of them, so I don't know how people are supposed to typically eat lolis.
Background Pony #B04B
@Background Pony #1182
Somebody never had a candy necklace. Besides, that's already canon. With the stick you'd be stuck with it til you finished it if you actually managed to get it unwrapped and between both hooves without dropping it. A better idea is a candy feed-box you buy and it fits around your neck! then you can walk around and munch without hassle. Also the box and strap is made of hay so it's cheap and edible.

Princess Molestia is now drooling.

…and not just at the confectionery Cadence is licking. For she has something to give her; from her last visit to Scarborough:

…and some confectionery as well.

Background Pony #26CA
It's a stretch (as is often the case), but her hooves were distinctly above Twilight's — one could interpret Applejack as pinning Twilight's hooves down by friction (and Twilight pressing her own into the ground, which, being soft, brown dirt, could be reasonably grippy).
It sounds rather painful, but hey, cartoon.
Background Pony #26CA
@Background Pony #D930
Ponies would be able to hold a lollipop with a stick just by sitting on their rear and placing both forehooves around the stick.

The string idea would just be terribly unhygienic and awkward all around.

@Background Pony #F8FF
Holding something like a lollipop stick with magic hooves would look really weird, since the stick is so small and thin, lollipops have very lopsided weight distributions, and one part is wet and sticky and goes in one's mouth.
While there are some exceptions, as far as I can remember, the animators tend to avoid being blatant about hooves being magic — objects balancing on hooves, twisting objects with a part that could slot inside the hoof, etc.
So magic hooves and lollipops having sticks seem kind of unrelated to each other, anyways.
Background Pony #B04B
Wait, the stick is meant for HANDS. Where did she get that? Pony candy would not even have a stick, maybe a string going through it to loop around a hoof or a winger.