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suggestive148626 artist:foudubulbe490 maud pie12750 pinkie pie220572 trixie68835 pony1014993 unicorn344171 comic:damp rocks239 :|400 bedroom eyes61552 blushing205270 comic111664 cuddling8600 eye contact6625 female1405820 fetish41780 glare8306 grin41234 hug29206 lesbian99456 mare504182 mauxie445 olfactophilia282 on side6859 shipping206169 sitting65769 snuggling6614 underhoof53922


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||gloss is a thick often clear paint like substance that is used to protect and give, often wood, a shiny look…maud is sooo into trixie you could use her. to gloss. a house….how are you not getting the innuendo? because it involves maud and a fuck ton of thick clear goo. ||
Background Pony #53CA
Trixie gets high on Maud’s poetry reading voice. Maud gets high on Trixie’s scent. They are made for each other.