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Fire, Brave and Sonya arrived at Carrousel Boutique, and she knocked the door gently.

Rarity: Coming! opens the door Welcome to Carrousel Boutique
Fire: Where every outfit is neat, chic and Magnifique Smiles wide
Rarity: OH! What a lovely surprise! Fire, Brave and Sonya, how are you?
Brave: Fine, Thanks Aunt Rarity
Fire: Were good! Hey we came here with Sonya, because she told us about your nephew! We reaaaally want to meet him. Can he go out with us and play?

Rarity: oh thats going to be a little difficult he went into town to visit his grandmother and have lunch with her.
Fire: Uh?
Rarity: And after that he was going to the castle, to visit an old friend of his
Brave: In the castle? He is a friend of princess Twilight?
Rarity: oh no, no
Fire: A guard? looking Brave completely confused
Rarity: Um no, its
Brave: Perhaps he knows Flash Sentry somehow
Fire: Bella Poema?! They are kind of cousins

Sonya: HEY! Fire and Brave look at her shocked Umm Miss Miss Rarity was trying to speak

Rarity: Oh thank you darling. You two have too much energy You mentioned everypony except for Athena She is an old friend of Vecto, been KIND OF cousins and all
Fire & Brave: WHAT!?
Sonya: Seriously?
Rarity: hu?
Fire: Nonono Athena does not have any friends No offence about your niece but she is not fun at ALL
Brave: Yeah, she is super cold and every time I tried to ask her to play with me, she just shoved me off and went inside to read
Sonya: I never saw her like talking to another pony before

Rarity: She is different from you, that does not mean she has no friends. Just give her a chance, Vecto did and they always send letters to each other I bet if you see her with Aglow or Vecto, even Ruby, you are going to be quite surprised Go on find yourself wrong smiles with a little malice
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