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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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nobody's favorite
I dunno, I’d kind of like Celestia involved too. Despite all the appearances she’s made, the audience hasn’t really gotten a chance to get to know her very well.
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The Fallen Brony
We’re probably gonna get an adventure episode that ends in a total downer, only for next episode to be a total whiplashing slice of life.
JC the Hedgehog

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Why do I have the feeling that you two will have something to do with this episode?
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Smolder is a cutie
Yeah, the more I look at the synopsis for the Bloom and Gloom episode the more ambiguous it seems, I guess it could go either way at this point.
@Background Pony #3195  
It sounds like it’ll be an episode based on readjusting to living somewhere new and different, I’m sure many people can relate to that in some way, myself included.
Also personally, I’d totally go live in that castle given the ability to do so, just sayin’ ;)
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@Epicalaxy Master  
Alright I’ll give you that one :p
inb4 Spike gets to own the castle while Twilight renovates Treebrary and eventually goes back living there.
Background Pony #EF19
I’m preparing myself for feels once we get to April the 11th. Poor thing probably has a form of PTSD. (and the new castle is f****** ugly, so who would want to live there anyway).
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will return
If any character deserves the cutie mark, it’s Scootaloo. Not that I don’t want the other two to get theirs or anything, but Scoots seems to always draw the shortest straw the poor little thing.