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You look to the right and see this.  
What do?
suggestive148499 artist:stargrazer228 aria blaze10039 equestria girls207601 rainbow rocks18545 accident1298 blushing205031 breasts289258 classroom1685 female1404294 humiliation2218 meme83493 need to pee1042 omorashi979 pantypee18 peeing in pants78 pissing3997 potty failure130 potty time1377 urine6760 wetting1256 what do116


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XD lol really? thanks!
Also,yes ’‘watersports (mostly with a public humiliation)’’ is my number 1 fetish o3o. I’d like to see more art like this,mostly with the dazzlings having accidents o3o I might start doing some.

>greentext like in 4chan  
>equestria girls post  
>some kind of fetish
fingerbang threads are threads where anons called “writefags” make greentext stories about anon (always the POV character in these stories) having sexual and/or romantic encounters with characters in the EG setting, mostly at CHS. funny thing is, some of them are just attempts at troll comedy, but the great majority is good enough to be heartwarming, or give you some feels… as well as many boners.
There are pastebins archiving these stories. You can look for them, or go on /mlp/ and look for threads of this style, since the OP usually posts the pastebin at the start.

As long as you just happened to see it as well. I wouldn’t go up to random people who didn’t notice and say “Hey, that girl over there pissed herself, can you make a distraction?”
If you DID happen to notice, Congratulation, U R ine.

If she’s having an accident in class, I’m not entirely sure teacher is letting kids out for a bathroom break right now. You need a distraction at least

Ask to use the bathroom  
Pull the fire alarm.
Since they sorta just showed up in school, she probably won’t be on any roles, and thus she can sneak out.
(I’m gonna be honest, when I first saw this I thought Aria was getting… “excited”, if you catch my meaning.)