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suggestive132513 artist:ss2sonic398 apple bloom47496 scootaloo49628 sweetie belle47270 anthro239911 ass44664 bedroom eyes54740 bloom butt576 blushing182357 booty mark crusaders31 bottomless12726 bra14684 clothes425450 cutie mark crusaders18340 featureless crotch6449 female1285046 females only11712 frown21823 line-up991 looking at you152356 looking back51883 nervous5279 older24318 open mouth129697 pixiv14249 plotline334 scootabutt427 shirt22374 smiling224284 sweatdrop2890 sweetie butt598 tanktop7132 underwear57035 varying degrees of want669 wavy mouth3343 wide hips14523


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64 comments posted
Background Pony #5107
Apple Bloom and Scootaloo look embarrassed, but Sweetie Belle doesn't mind showing off. Anyway, this is nice.

Now I'd like to see a human version of this. Older versions of the human CMC, with the same outfits as this, doing the same poses and showing off their assets (pun intended).

vacant expression

Also, to speak of the subject at hand, I'd spank all three of them. I'd be playful with Apple Bloom since she doesn't know what to expect, super gentle with Scootaloo since she's nervous, and obviously rough with Sweetie Belle since super into it.
I guess I'm a little fucked up too.

vacant expression
I don't know why, but your comment makes me really uncomfortable. And here I thought I had a decent constitution.
Also, I still can't get my thumbnail to work. Giving it a shorter name didn't work. Apparently, "length" and "number of characters" refer to something else.