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She's just 40 feet worth of shy snake pone that needs a warm place to sleep and a snuggle or two. Won't you let her in?
safe1709413 artist:badumsquish1969 derpibooru exclusive28435 oc686444 oc only449768 oc:kalianne106 lamia2082 original species25204 snake pony653 absurd resolution66288 bronybait2979 coils1140 cuddling8394 cute200262 dialogue65671 door3975 fangs25436 female1365814 grin38668 hair twirl41 hug request437 hugs needed117 impossibly long tail178 long tail2301 looking away3722 ocbetes5279 offscreen character34276 pov14042 shy4144 smiling249333 snuggling6540 solo1066224 sunset5394


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Background Pony #9905
I want to see a picture of Kalianne unhinging her jaw and opening her mouth incredibly wide like a snake to swallow something large whole like perhaps a whole cake or something lol!
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@Psyco Josho
She follows a diet where she can't eat anything that is sapient. In her homeland cows and pigs and such are just normal cows and pigs, so they're fair game, but in Equestria she's basically limited to fish and meat alternatives.

There are bad lamias that will eat anything or anyone, but they're a small minority and even disliked by other lamias for giving them a bad name and causing them problems. They're, for the most part, solitary and would rather be left alone rather than labelled as villains and hunted by others.
Psyco Josho

sqrt(-1) <3 MATH
So what does the sweet Kalianne eat? I assume by looking at her character tag that she doesn't eat ponies. Does she eat Canterlot nobles then?
Background Pony #AF12
Me: "Dammit Kali, you're too adorable for your own good"

Kalianne: "does that mean I can come in?"

Me: "Just gimme the freaking cuddles"

Kalianne: "Yay!"

Ps: I love cuddles…DONT JUDGE ME

I remember when someone had said previously that they imagined her speaking with a slight Irish accented drawl of some sort.

Since then, I've always seen her as having a very kind demeanour… and doubt I'll ever see her in a negative light, even if you had her eat the whole damn house! Heh…