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It’s a pretty old Season 5 tease from Larson, so if these two bits are about the same episode and if the other two Princesses are nowhere to be found I’d call Larson’s tease debunked.

Unless it’s going to be a two pony pile with Celestia and Twilight.
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Look on the other segments of animatic, its not hard to guess that this episode start at around 1:20:00 with Smooze introduction at 1:07:00, panic scene at 1:17:00 and this one final scene at 1:22:19
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Except that there’s an hour counter on the timer as well, and it jumps BACKWARD in the scene change. We dont know when exactly this takes place at all.
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Probably Smooze will go out of control and grow too much. There won’t be any malicious intend and Smooze will probably never intend to cause problem. He will just have a chaotic sense of fun.
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