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“In the early years of the Kingdom of Equestria, it’s marches were frequently raided by adjacent gryphon tribes. Too manoeuvrable to be confronted by the local earth ponies and exelling pegasi patrols in physical strength, these warbands ravaged the borderlands for years.  
To secure the borders and trade routes, the regal sisters themself sought to face up to the invaders along with their royal guard. On the Goldshine Plains, they managed to close in on the gryphons and, creating a tempest with a pegasus regiment, forced them to fight on the ground. Bereft of their manoeuvrability, the warband were swiftly defeated by a massive charge lead by the royal guard.  
For leading the deciding assault, Captain Fireblight of the Royal Guard was later knighted and enfeoffed with the now repacified province.  
One hundred years later, Fireblight’s descendants commisioned this painting to honour the founder of their now prosperous house, and presented the regal sisters with it.  
It was displayed in the west wing of the sisters’ castle, that used to house the royal gallery. The original’s whereabouts are uncertain, as the castle was destroyed in the events following the Great Rift. Only copies, like the one displayed above, are still exhibited today.”
  • Carved Jambs D.A. , Royal University of Canterlot”


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